Penguin Books Covers

May 10th

We came across this colourful image of a very neatly stacked selection of Penguin book spines, it totally brightened up our day and thought we’d share the love and hopefully brighten yours too!

colourful penguin book spines

This got us thinking about all those other great penguin book covers, past and present. We got to searching and came across an array of stunning designs. Some of which we were familiar with, and others that we were not, but that’s the beauty with Penguin covers, every time we re-visit this area, we find others to add to our favourites list.

Needless to say there is a whole host of images available online, and many like-minded Penguin-loving geeks are out there posting their albums (thank you!). Have a little look at Mr Bizzle’s great set on flickr for more!

penguin book cover designs

There’s something particularly special about Jillian Tamale’s Penguin commissions, successfully sealing not one but two commissions for the loveable publishers, including a set of cloth coloured editions and now a Penguin Threads series.

cloth covered of penguin book cover spines

tamaki penguin book covers

Jillian’s second commission was to design hand-sewn covers for three classics for the Penguin Threads series: Jane Austen’s Emma, Frances Hodges Burnett’s The Secret Garden, and Anna Sewell’s Black Beauty. Although the final covers are reproductions of the original artwork (would have been a bit crazy to embroider each individual cover!), they maintain some of the tactile contours of the original threads. Check out her blog for more info.

Jillian sewing Penguin cover in studio

We are in ore of her handy work and it has inspired us here to get making! We will endeavour to post some proof of this pledge to pick up our needles and hoops! Check back soon for an update…


Sun & Field Notes

Apr 27th

With all this sunshine lately, here at The Courtyard, we like to make the most of it. Flip-flops on and notebooks open, there’s nothing quite like being outside sketching and writing. There are endless sources of inspiration all around, from trees and plants to those cheeky little wood pigeons cooing for attention. So grab your favourite notebook, pull up a seat and enjoy it whilst it lasts!

The notebook’s use is endless – a quick sketch, travel memories, to-do lists, projects, events, routes and maps, or just your basic milk, bread and eggs!

Here in the office we are very particular about the size, shape, weight and paper in our favourite notebooks, and this has led to endless debates! But after weighing up the pros and cons of each of our favourite pads, we are all agreed that the range of Field Notes ticks all the boxes.

Field Notes available at The Courtyard Boutique

Each has 48-pages of space for work and fun, measures approx 9cm wide by 14cm tall and is bound with a rugged three-staple saddle-stitch process. Available with graph, ruled or plain paper inner.

They are a must have for your bag, car, desk or by the phone at home. You never know when you will need to put pen to paper and record that note.

We will be stocking a range of these memo books at great prices, so you better get thinking of how to fill them up!